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Veterans Sanctuary 


May 24, 2012

Dear Friends of Veterans Sanctuary,

I regret to inform you Veterans Sanctuary will be forced to suspend the operations of its in-patient, long term residential addiction and PTSD services.  Despite our agency's best efforts to market the program, the facility did not receive enough paid referrals of veterans into treatment to keep the program financially viable

We launched the Campaign for Veterans Sanctuary four years ago because we knew veterans were suffering and we had the tools to help them. Veterans Sanctuary provided long-term treatment, which research validates as the most effective to combat addiction.  We employed an extremely qualified, deeply committed staff who cared for 34 veterans since the facility opened in July of 2011.  In several cases, we provided care without the ability to bill for our services.  This, combined with a low census, was not enough to sustain the program.

What are our next steps?  We will be meeting with state and federal legislators over the next several weeks to examine the obstacles that prevented Veterans Sanctuary to reach its fullest potential.  Members of our Board, staff from our other programs, and other friends and stakeholders will be developing a plan to move forward, to include identifying how our facility may be utilized in other ways.  Our regrouping and reorganizing efforts will focus on honoring the contributions of those who supported the original vision: To Serve Veterans.  As those plans emerge we will make them known.

I am proud of Veterans Sanctuary and feel privileged to have been a part of this effort.  We made a real difference in the lives of veterans we served.  I extend my deepest gratitude to all those who gave of their time, talent and treasure to alleviate suffering and help our veterans to truly come home.


Robert Csandl, MHS

Executive Director

Treatment Trends, Inc. / Veterans Sanctuary




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