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"Treating Addiction...Improving Our Community..."

A message from John E. Dillensnyder, III, Executive Director of Treatment Trends

January 9, 2017

There is always new language addiction treatment professionals must insert into their vocabulary.  New treatment methodologies. New drugs that appear on the scene. As our name implies, Treatment Trends constantly evolves to be a part of the solution to addiction and despair.  I salute our excellent staff for their steadfast dedication and adaptation to our changing field. 

With everything that is new, there is a philosophy that grounds our work. We believe in the transformative power of treatment. That belief has stood the test of time, is not a passing ‘trend’ but rather a founding principle.  It has been our mission yesterday, it is today and it will be tomorrow.

In 2017 we will begin operation of a Center of Excellence to treat heroin and opioid addiction by providing comprehensive care management services.  We’ll be part of county-wide efforts to mitigate the crisis and will be participants in a state- wide learning network.  We’re beginning to incorporate Vivitrol® into our toolbox. This medication does not challenge our abstinence-based operating principle.  We embrace the opportunity to elevate our treatment programs, improve outcomes for the people we serve, and earn the designation as a Center of Excellence.

We’ve maintained our commitment to providing services focusing on veterans, born out of our experiences with Veterans Sanctuary and currently sustained by a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.   Thanks to this funding, 46 veterans received case management and specialized veterans treatment services this past year.

We are grateful for guidance from our Board of Directors, and input from trusted advisors. We continue to seek support from our community to fill those gaps between what treatment costs and what we are allocated to provide those services. We maintain our emphasis on education and training for our staff. 

Thank you for your interest in Treatment Trends.