Treatment Continuum Alternative Program

"Treating Addiction...Improving Our Community..."

TreatmentTrendsWeb 6725Treatment Continuum Alternative Program (TCAP) is a Restorative Intermediate Punishment (RIP) program that offers diversionary sentencing to eligible offenders. TCAP upholds key principles of public safety and accountability while offering a treatment opportunity to individuals wanting to reclaim their lives that have been negatively impacted by drug addiction & alcoholism.

TCAP is funded by PCCD & the Lehigh County Drug and Alcohol Commission.

Who can Participate?

  • Adult male or female Lehigh County Resident
  • Approved by Court
  • Requiring D&A treatment based on PCPC assessment
  • Voluntary consent to participate
  • Non-violent offender (violence related to drug & alcohol is evaluated case by case)

Exclusionary Criteria

  • History of arson
  • History of sex offense(s)
  • History of violence separate from drug/alcohol use
  • Un-managed or unstable psychiatric or medical conditions, including detox
  • I.Q. lower than 75

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