Treatment Trends, Inc



Treatment Trends researchers and staff have made valuable use of the information-laden links provided below.  We invite you to visit the following sites to learn more about drug and alcohol treatment.

AA World Services, Inc.    

American Society of Addictive Medicine   

Brain Disorders Network  

Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University  

Centers for Disease Control Prevention   

Criminal Justice Policy Foundation   

Common Sense For Drug Policy

Community Epidemiology Work Group   

Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study   

Drug Policy Alliance   

Drug Sense   

Drug War Facts   

Families Against Mandatory Minimums   

Federal Statistics   

GA International   

Join Together Online   

Medline Plus  

Narcotics Anonymous   

National Association of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors   

National Association of State Alcohol & Drug Abuse Director  

National Clearing House on D&A Information   

National Development & Research Institute, Inc.   

National Drug Control Policy   

National Institute of Drug Abuse   

National Institute of Health   

National Institute of Justice   

National Library of Medicine    

Office of Justice Programs   


Robert Wood Johnson Substance Abuse Policy Research Program   

Substance Abuse MH Services Administration   


Uniform Crime Reports from the FBI 

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