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Our Leadership Team

The Treatment Trends family is one that continually works together to ensure the best care for each individual that walks through our facility doors. Each and every one of us is here to offer support through all pathways to recovery.

John Dillensnyder

Executive Director

Kate Donchez

Fiscal Manager

Sarah Falwell

Quality Assurance Coordinator

Diana Heckman

Director of Development & Training

Sierra Mamay

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator

Mike Cuda

Operations Manager


Rainie Campagna

Program Director,

Allentown Residential

Shannon Vaught

Clinical Supervisor,

Allentown Residential

Natalie Doggett

Program Director,

Allentown Halfway Home


Regine Figueroa

Clinical Supervisor,

Allentown Halfway Home

Chelsea Edmunds

Program Director,

Allentown Outpatient

Cheryl Kindler

Clinical Supervisor,

Allentown Outpatient

Brandy Rosania

Program Director,

Allentown The Center

Robin Chontos

Community Connections Director,

Bethlehem Hope Center

Deborah Tingle

Program Director, 

Palmer Recovery Center

Our Admissions Team

If you need guidance or don't know where to start when seeking treatment, our admissions team can help you determine what programs would be a good fit, as well as answer any and all questions you may have.

Our Board of Directors

Chuck Beasly

David Quier

*Jack Bury, Chairperson

*Maureen McManus, Vice Chairperson

Mary Youtz

*Nancy Kahn, Treasure/Secretary

Oliver Meeker

Thomas Johns

Bekah Rusnock

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