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Offers continued, minimal structure after completing treatment for adult males to receive support with more responsibility & autonomy.


Provides a safe, conducive environment where adult males can concentrate on recovery & aftercare plans with decrease economic costs.


Individuals will support & learn to live with one another without triggering addiction by building self-respect & self-care, which are needed to live comfortably in sobriety.

Recovery Support

Allentown Recovery House

633 N. 4th Street

Allentown, PA 18102

Phone: 610-770-9142

House Manager: William Valentin, 610-509-0582

TTI Allentown Recovery House, previously known as Richard S. Csandl Recovery House, is a state-licensed transitional home for male residents who successfully ‘graduate’ from the protective environment of a residential treatment program. Also known as the “3/4 House”, it offers men more autonomy in a drug-free environment with the ability to get back on their feet and establish themselves as contributing members of our society.

There is minimal structure, and all residents must be in verifiable after-care, pay rent, and abide by the house rules of abstinence from using drugs or alcohol in a non-violent environment.

The Recovery House offers living accommodations for 10 adult men to reside for up to one year. Applicants are pre-screened and interviewed by the House Manager, who lives on site, acting in a supervisory facilitative capacity. 

We accept individuals on MAT on a case by case basis.

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