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Est. 1969

In 2019, we celebrated 50 years of supporting individuals in our community who struggle with addiction.

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When the opioid epidemic took hold in the late 1960's, one family was determined to make a difference. The highly stigmatized topic of addiction led to many barriers in the Csandl family's efforts of finding a solution. After many months, the three siblings made the decision to open an outpatient treatment program in 1969. Confront, now TTI Allentown Outpatient, was making the difference the Csandl family had hoped for. Although, it still wasn't enough, as the needs of the epidemic far surpassed what the outpatient program could provide.

In 1972, they made the decision to bring a residential program into the first floor of Confront, serving its first resident in April of 1972. The needs continued to grow, and so in 1974, a building was secured for a 48 bed residential treatment facility, Keenan House (now TTI Allentown Residential).


In 1989, Treatment Trends, Inc. was formed as a nonprofit organization by bringing together Confront and Keenan House. TTI has since grown significantly with the addition of the Recovery House, Halfway Home, and Recovery Centers, to have the capacity to support individuals in all phases of the recovery process with our continuum of care.


We are continuing to grow and thrive as we reach for each opportunity to improve the lives of individuals as we assist them in navigating through their own pathways to recovery.

In 2022, we initiated a rebranding to strengthen our identity and everything we stand for as an organization. We are here to help find recovery, and to help heal our community.

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